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Bobber With A Brain -- It's Common Sense !

More Fish live Near the Bottom.   MORE ACTION, BIGGER FISH   --  FIND FISH FAST !

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Two (2) Bobbers With A Brain = $9.00 

Two  Bobbers With A Brain    Two  Bobbers With a Brain

Five (5) Bobbers With A Brain = $20.00

Five  Bobbers With A Brain     Five  Bobbers With a Brain


Six Pack Special    Buy Six Pack Special<empty>

Limited Time with a $36.00 or $50.00 Specials ---We send 2 FREE Brains, 2 Ceramic Sinkers & 2 interlock Swivels! 
Also any order that totals over $60 (Shipping not included) we will send you a
FREE Bobber With a Brain !    We Appreciate YOU - our Customer !

Bobber With A Brain and Ceramic Sinkers are U.S.A. MADE !!



Great Lakes Scuttlebutt - Sept & Oct 2013 - "Great Lakes Advanced Slip Bobber Fishing; Less Stolen Bait and More Fish!  - Article and Ad..  

Crappie World  Magazine - Spring  2013  -   Article "B.W.A.B.....What??"    Writer is Impressed !! 

Bassin presents Bass Tactics Magazine  -  May/June/July  2013  -  Advertisements and a Testimonial !! 

CABELA'S Outfitter Journal - August 2013 - Ad on Page 109 ...   CABELA'S !!!

WRITER KEITH SUTTON'S Article: BEST CATFISH GEAR! Read the Article in PDF Form Click here.

Bobber With A Brain

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Smart Tackle Current Product Line:

Changes the way you fish..                  Pick a Picture!

Bobber With A Brain     Fish Ka Bobber

                 Bobber With A Brain                  FishKaBobber: Bobber kit

Cermaic Sinkers Package                       Fishing Rigs Package

Ceramic Sinkers                           Hand Tied Fishing Rigs

Mustad Hook Snaps (Size No. 1)        B.W.A.B. is more advanced than a Slip Bobber, it's a Depth Locator !


It only makes COMMON SENSE that placing your baits ONE and TWO feet OFF THE BOTTOM will catch more fish than in any other place in the water!

The Bobber With A Brain is the only bobber, IN THE WORLD, that will place your baits easily ONE to TWO Feet OFF ANY BOTTOM, at any depth, AUTOMATICALLY.  (Read below.)


 Bobber With A Brain: the FUTURE of BOBBER Fishing has ARRIVED..

  Increases Catches 3 to 1.                     No Line Stopper Needed! 

Jigging the Bobber With A Brain

We believe this is the BEST Carp, Crappie & Catfish Bobber on the planet !


Old 4 Bait Fishing Pic

On and off bottom fishing at the same time on the same rig Automatically ! No other bobber can do this period!

The Bobber With A Brain,  because of its tilting action when jigging, will drop the baits two or three inches then raise them back toward the surface continuously, with only slight pulls on your line.  This cannot be done by any bobber!

PATENTED - Anything that has a Patent has to have something it does differently to create a patent for that product! 
B.W.A.B has 11 new features on its patent! Most products are patent pending which means nothing except the patent was applied for but may never amount to anything because it's just like something already in existence!

Check out the picture on the right and watch the video.

Fish On & Off Bottom - Picture shows 3 different baits for three different fish..       Same Time,  Same Cast !


BWAB Fisherman:    Edward A. Luterio  Illustrator    215-353-3534

What makes the Bobber With A Brain stand out above the rest of the bobbers!!!!
1. B.W.A.B. will not drift in a 30 mph wind or a medium current and no other bobber can claim this important feature! 
2. The B.W.A.B. is not just a slip bobber but a slip bobber that is magnetic and NEVER requires a line stopper AMAZING !! 
3. The B.W.A.B. is the ONLY bobber in the world that can place two or more baits one and two feet off any bottom in any depth AUTOMATICALLY !  This has never been done before!! 
These three features alone make the B.W.A.B. a product in a category of its own 
When you use these three features there are 100's of possible ways to fish the Bobber With A Brain that bring a new world of fishing to the average fisherman! 

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A Must Read   ...   This happens to us too.. I glad someone else told us too !!  

I still absolutely love this bobber. I look at the concept and only wish I had the idea. It's too cool.   I was fishing last week at this little lake in Richmond, KY. and I was on a dock casting out. There were people to my left on the dock and then there were others on the shore line on both sides. I had cast out the B.W.A.B. and I could hear two guys asking each other what I was throwing out. Then heard, "LETS SEE IF IT WORKS?" 4 casts, equals 4 BIG CATFISH. Funny thing was, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY else was catching fish!  It cracked me up. I heard, "what's yer bait?" Liver, I replied. They had the same bait but I had the B.W.A.B. and that was the difference maker.
I actually feel like I now have an advantage over other fisherman.       (R.K.  ----------  KY)

Open a new Tab and read the Bobber With a Brain Review and Comments on 

"Awesome product, can't remember ever coming back from somewhere and immediately ordering a product like this. Many Thanks!  S.P."

Bobber With A Brain shows up on Only in America with Larry The Cable Guy "Alaska Rode Trip" Episode!

(Video Footage is property if A&E - History Channel)  

Testimonial :   Last nights Lake outing, I caught 9 trout in about 2 hours, and they were about a foot long each using one of my friend's BWAB. It was fun. All the people around us were astounded because as soon as we hit the water, it was fish on! BBQ'ed a few to keep the limit to take home. This stuff sells on its own. - A.Y. LODI, CA   

Welcome Pitman Creek Wholesale!   New SLIM SINGLE PACK- 3 and 5 Pack for stores!

3packweb.jpg (107909 bytes)       Big Ten Tackle Roy & Frank      5packweb.jpg (108197 bytes)

Pitman Creek Wholesale Show     Roy & Frank  /  Big Ten Tackle!   Store Chains Product is fished worldwide, Step up to sell, click on DEALERS INFO  now.    DISTRIBUTORS WE HAVE SPECIALS, EVEN AT 50 TO 100 BOBBERS AT A TIME.  Please Go to our distributor page, call (724) 537-8809 or contact  us at We also have new display boxes with 36 pieces for in-store sales. These 36 piece display boxes are for the Bobber With  A Brain, Ceramic Sinkers & also our own Ceramic Hand Tied Rigs!

Complete Store Selling info here:  DEALERS INFO   Call us now! 724-537-8809.. Please leave a message if we are FILLING ORDERS !!

2013-2014 - New Online Catalog:

bigtentackle-cat1.jpg (121967 bytes)     bigtentackle-cat2.jpg (195961 bytes)     bigtentackle-cat3.jpg (186658 bytes)     bigtentackle-cat4.jpg (146179 bytes)

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Bobber With A Brain even worked using a bobber stopper at 20 ft !

I came across your Bobber With A Brain by chance on YouTube, and it looked interesting. As soon as I get it I will be trying it at a Trout Lake in Switzerland.

Hey Big Ten Tackle, Had the opportunity to use the Bobber With A Brain and I had success, just like you advertised. It was a beautiful fall day here in Switzerland 72 F and water temp of 62 F. caught 3 nice Rainbow Trout as you can see in the picture and it even worked using a bobber stopper at 20 ft where the fish were hanging out at, and the depth of the lake where was 120 ft.Here is a picture of the day and picture of the 3 Trout that I caught.

Charley ……………………… Switzerland

I have caught almost every kind of fish in my area using the B.W.A.B.  



This Nice Size Bass was caught on the B.W.A.B. using Nightcrawlers 25lb mono and no.2 hooks. Was caught and released in LaPorte Ind.

The fish is 191/2 in. long and weighed 3.6 lbs. I have caught almost every kind of fish in my area using the B.W.A.B. and would tell anyone with a little practice you can out fish your friends on any body of water.

DT    ....................................  @ LaPorte, Ind.

Fishhound - Real-Time fishing reports !         The Buckeye Angler TV Show.. (Facebook page)



We had a family fishing day today, but only one Bobber with a Brain. Our youngest daughter wanted to use it. She was the first one to cast out, and before I could finish rigging my pole, she had a lunker rainbow trout on the line! It wasn't much longer before she had another on the line.
Her brothers kept coming over to check out her fish and to take the bait she was using. Nothing worked. She skunked everyone!
Thanks for the edge! Tomorrow we'll be taking along more B.W.A.B.ís.

Next day: Her little brother out fished her, but didn't skunk her. He caught 6 trout total (including 2 lunkers!) and she caught 2. They are loving their Bobbers with a Brain. These are great for kids (and Moms)! Dad was a bit jealous of all the action. You have permission to use these pictures. The kids had a blast. Thanks so much!  

Sincerely, L.S. ....... Oklahoma

“Bobber With A Brain -- Made in USA fishing bobbers” 

Dear Big Ten Tackle,  I found out about your company by searching “Made in USA fishing bobbers”. I then found your website, read the explanation of how the Bobber With A Brain works, but what especially sold me on it was the fact that they are not only made in USA, but made in USA using good old US of America components. Every single thing I buy (no matter how big or small, expensive or inexpensive) I truly try to buy from USA based companies (and USA based parent company, if applicable), and products that are “Made in the USA” (not just assembled in USA, using foreign parts). I read the label on everything I buy, if it don’t say made in USA, it don’t get bought by me.
If everyone shopped like me, everyone in this country would have a job, and our economy would be booming. We need to bring manufacturing back to our shores.
Thanks for manufacturing you bobbers in the United States of America. I will tell my friends and family about your products.
Thank you! ..                 R. B. ............................................................ West Bend WI...

Andy Vander Ploeg - Pro Staff , "The Master Angler" 

Bobber With A Brain Pro Boards     Fishing Forum!

NEW Fishing Forum that deals mainly with fresh water fishing & our PATENTED BOBBER With A Brain !   Join our Bobber forum and talk about fishing with our bobber!  Also daily trivia games!

Limited time: Free bobber for joining forum and posting once. Members of the forum also get a additional gift when ordering! Forum talks fishing, politics, gardening for just a few ideas, come post explore.

The more advanced Slip Bobber System   ..  Slip/Lock System!
Big Ten Tackle Forum

Actual "YOUTUBE" Comment :

EndangeredSS has made a comment on Big Ten Tackle's Pennsylvania Back Country: Bobber With A Brain Fishing Clip !: I've never climbed up a tree to retrieve a foul cast before... until my BWAB got stuck!! I love this thing!

Big Ten Tackle SPECIALS                 Shipping still only $7.00  - FLAT RATE !!

Exclusive to THIS WEB SITE, straight from BIG TEN TACKLE MADE IN U.S.A.  !!! 

Night Fisherman Sampler Special!

5 Bobbers With A Brain mixed colors - 10 Lightsticks 1.5" Long with Holders too. 5 Single hook & 2 Double hook Crappie, Catfish, Walleye, hand tied, Fishing Rigs - 5 Ceramic Sinkers and a free catalog!

Value of $50.00 for a limited time offer of only $35.00.    Buy Night Fisherman Special

5-10-5 Sampler

This Special gives you more Rigs for the buck than any other special we have. It features the quick connect hand tied 15 pound test ceramic sinker  crappie type, catfish walleye, panfish fishing rigs. 

10 Fishing Rigs, 5 BWAB's, Five Ceramic Sinkers= $30.00   Buy 5-10-5 Sampler

A "MUST FISH WITH " Experience, Really, B.W.A.B. Catches Fish, not Fisherman, for 14 years now!!

Great Gift for a Dad, Relative, Friends, Fishing Buddy or Group !

Complete Fishing System Specials:          Exclusively and at Exceptional Pricing!

Click on pictures to see what the Special includes.      "BUY NOW" for info about it!

This website sells our Smart Tackle product line directly to CONSUMERS through credit card or phone order specials. It is also a distributor link to the manufacturing part of Big Ten Tackle!  Retailer stores, CALL US, we will send you a Catalog, In-Store DVD and refer you to one of our distributors listed on our Distributor Page.


Six Pack Special

Most Popular Special Buy Six Pack Special<empty>

 4 Plus 4 Special  $ 24.00

4 Plus 4 Special

Buy 4 PLus 4 Special

CATFISH "Six Pack"  $ 36.00

Catfish Six Pack

Buy Catfish Special

Super 10 Special  $ 50.00

Super 10 Special

($75.00 Value)   Buy Super 10 Special

  Limited Time with a $36.00 or $50.00 Specials ---We send 2 FREE Brains, 2 Ceramic Sinkers & 2 interlock Swivels! 
Also any order that totals over $60 (Shipping not included) we will send you a
FREE Bobber With a Brain !    

Extra gift for you.  (Our Special Thanks for your order, we Appreciate you.)

Actual Amazon Feedback: These guys are great to deal with, prompt and courteous responses to email. More than willing to do the extra mile. I will be buying from these sellers again. Smooth transaction on their part, no worries. Rock Stars at their game! Item was described and packaged well..... A+A+A+     ......  S.G.    Milford, MI.  

     Every order Includes New Color Catalog to show your friends:  AFTER YOU OUT-FISH THEM!

  FishKaBobber  Construction Kit

FishKaBobber       Buy FishKaBobber

25 Big Bulk Special = $ 150.00

25 Big Bulk Special         Buy 25 Big Bulk

Have Product Question? Don't want to order online? Please call our Inventor at (724) 537-8809. 

Bobber With A Brain & Extra Brains!

One (1) Bobber With A Brain

Price: $6.00 each

One Bobber With A Brain  One Bobber With a Brain

Two (2) Bobbers With A Brain

Price: $9.00 for two

Two  Bobbers With A Brain Two  Bobbers With a Brain

Five (5) Bobbers With A Brain

Price: $20.00 for five 

Best Selling PACKAGE !

Five  Bobbers With A Brain   Five  Bobbers With a Brain

Smart pack = $1.50 per pack

5 Extra Replacement B.W.A.B. Brains  

5 Steel Brian Replacements  Buy 5 Smart Pack

Hey, When you buy ONE, TWO or FIVE Bobbers With A Brain you will receive a FREE SMART TACKLE FISHING RIG and EXTRA BRAIN!
All Shipping in the USA only $7.00, All products shipped quickly, even at that low price.  (Limited Time)

**  The Catfish Fishing Rigs and Double Snap Fishing Rigs are the same, Both tied with 15 Lb Test line!  **

Buy Big Ten Products

  Visa Mastercard & Discover American Express & PAYPAL too.

Orders are shipped daily but allow 5 to 10 business days to receive order!

All Shipping/Handling in the USA only $7.00

Rush Shipping $15.00 , 

Overseas from USA, Only $20.00.. 

Made in America fishing products. Customers, we need your help,  After you show our catalog to your buddies, Give it to your favorite Tackle stores. Tell them you like the products and they should carry them, NOW!       We appreciate it.

Like to order by phone call 1-724-537-8809. From 10 am to 10 pm -7 days a week!
Please feel free to place a order by voice, leave a message with your name and number to have any product questions answered also! 
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More advanced than a slip bobber.. - Cat fishing tips tricks and information on catfish fishing. Expert advice from professional catfish anglers.

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